OSSO Bone Care Ajustment Technique®️ & Drop Table Technique

How Does “OSSO Bone Care Adjustment Technique®️ ” Works?

“OSSO Bone Care Adjustment Technique®️ is a combination of different effective bone adjustment techniques that were developed by the founder of Osso Bone Care. The reason of us offering these different assortment of techniques is that we can perform different customizable and personalized bone adjustments that are tailor made to each individual’s conditions, needs and requirements.

Which is why in OSSO Bone Care Chiropractic®️ , every individual may not receive the same old standardized A-Z treatments, but instead, we will come out with different adjustment methods, applying on different area to achieve the most effective results possible.


For Example: We will focus on performing Drop Table Technique and Activator Method on child patients and elderly people because Bone Adjustment Technique and Diversified Technique may not be suitable.

“OSSO Bone Care Adjustment Technique®️ is able to allow the affected area to become unstuck again and helps restores the nervous system integrity and improves healing process.

The most important key to these combination of treatments is to be able to use a precise amount of energy and strength, at the right spot, in the right direction and at just the right time to get the spinal joints moving again. “OSSO Bone Care Adjustment Technique®️” is truly an art. Just about anyone can get “adjusted”, whether he/she is a newborn, infant, child, adult or senior.


What is Drop Table Technique?

Drop Table Technique or the table assisted adjusting is a method used to adjust the spine while the body is at perfect rest. The adjustment technique optimizes ease and comfort on patients.

This technique can offer lesser pain to our patients whilst operating at low risk level as well. The spinal adjustment is given when the cushion reaches the bottom of its drop (the terminal point of its drop). The patient’s body is unable to react fast enough to resist the adjustive thrust. Since there is no muscular resistance, very little force is used, making the adjustment painless, clean and much more efficient.

It works like this: You take the contact, you thrust, the vertebrae moves, you get done, and the patient gets up. It’s very easy on those patients that are difficult to move or are in a lot of pain.