Degenerative Disc Disease

How Can Osso Help Degenerative Disc Disease?

We treat Degeneration of Discs the same as how we treat our slip disc patients but adding OSSO 3D Spinal Decompression Therapy®️ (SDT) before the end of the treatment.

This is because with OSSO 3D Spinal Decompression Therapy®️ , we can create pumping effect on the disc, allowing it to grow back to its usual size as well as increasing the height and thicken the disc.

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms as mentioned above, please kindly get yourself checked today by calling our phone number or visit us today!


About Degenerative Disc Diseases

Spinal discs are soft, compressible discs that separate the interlocking bones (vertebrae) that make up the spine. The discs act as shock absorbers for the spine, allowing it to flex, bend, and twist. Degenerative disc disease can take place throughout the spine, but it most often occurs in the discs in the lower back and the neck. As we age, our spinal discs break down, or degenerate, which may result in degenerative disc disease in some people and will cause the loss of fluid in your discs. This reduces the ability of the discs to act as shock absorbers and makes them less flexible.


  • Pain in the low back, buttocks, thighs, or neck
  • Pain that worsens when sitting, bending, lifting, or twisting
  • Pain that feels better when walking, changing positions, or lying down
  • Periods of severe pain that gets better after a few days or months
  • Numbness and tingling into the legs
  • Weakness in the legs
  • Foot drop (inability to raise the foot at the ankle)

These changes are more likely to occur in people who smoke cigarettes and those who do heavy physical work (such as repeated heavy lifting). People who are obese are also more likely to have symptoms of degenerative disc disease!